Consider it done !!

Ingez is a personalized and affordable service aimed at making a positive impact in the lives of our clients by removing the stress and hassle of running errands in Cairo’s busy streets, thus offering you serenity and peace of mind. Ingez assistants make your life easier by offering to handle anything for you from grocery shopping to picking up or dropping off your dry cleaning. There is a variety of services that we provide, so Ingez can basically take care of anything on your to-do list.

Sample situations we could help you with
  • We can buy your medication, or deliver it to someone else.
  • We can save you the hassle of paying your various bills
  • Are you sick and too tired to make a phone call to reserve an appointment at your doctor? Don’t worry, Ingez can also do this for you.
  • Do you need someone to get your groceries for you? Even the meat and vegetables? Yes, we do that to!
  • Did you upset a loved one and want to send them a gift or some flowers? Just call us and we will buy it and deliver it on your behalf.
  • Do you often forget your keys, wallet, or mobile charger at home and only discover this when it is too late? Don’t worry, Ingez assistants will bring you anything you forgot at home.

Simply, we won’t let you drive in Cairo’s crazy traffic; we won’t let you go through the hassle of finding a parking lot or waiting in long lines to finish your errands. Just call us and we will finish all of your errands in no time.

Tracking system

No more wasting time over the phone with a customer service agent to get your errands done! And forget about the time you spend thinking about where your order might be now!

Now you can get your errands done online and track your order! It's only one click away. With Ingez's new online tracking system you can check exactly where your order is and follow all the updates on the spot.

Living abroad?

It's Valentine's day and you just moved to another country, but your girlfriend/wife is still here in Egypt? Do you want to surprise her with flowers and her favorite perfume gift wrapped and delivered to her house? Ingez will make your life and long distance relationships easier. We will make sure that your loved one receives your gift, your mother receives her mother's day card and that your paperwork at the embassy/government institution is handled.

With Ingez, distance is no longer an issue. Even if you live abroad, you can benefit from Ingez’s services and conveniently pay by transferring the required amount online.

B2B and Small Business Services

You just started your own home-based small business, working via the internet and using social media to reach your clients? Your dream is to grow your business and build up a large customer base?

So your keys of success should be :
  • Punctuality.
  • Credibility
  • Quick Delivery and Cash on Delivery (COD)

Ingez can help you to maintain your high quality service standards by delivering your products on time, which will lead to satisfied customers.

Ingez also offers a cash collection service for our clients. We can set up a private account for you, which will be managed by our sales department, where the cash is delivered directly to you or deposited at your bank account. This will be according to a contract signed between you and Ingez.

Track your orders

Ingez’s online tracking system will give you the privilege to track your orders online so you don't have to call our company to get updates about your orders when your customers call you.

Just one click on MyOrders on our website and you will get all the updates regarding your orders.

Start now!

Delegate your tasks to Ingez’s assistants, enjoy doing what you love, and leave the rest to us.